How proud can we be?

Gathering data to make informed decisions about LGBT+ workplace inclusion has always been a challenge. Reliable data is often buried within other reports or is limited by theme, geography or other parameters.

To make the task of gathering data and, by extension, decision-making, easier, Workplace Pride and our member Deloitte have been working closely together to bring all available statistical information about LGBT+ workplace inclusion in Europe into a single tool called the LGBT+ Workplace Monitor.

The Monitor provides many different stakeholders, including businesses governments and the LGBT+ community itself, a comprehensive one-stop-shop overview of relevant data. Composed of a downloadable summary report and an interactive ‘Dashboard’, users of the Monitor can compare various countries in Europe based on 4 indicators including:

  • Workplace Openness
  • Workplace Recruitment & Retention
  • Workplace Well being
  • Workplace Protection

Designed as a ‘living document’ the Monitor will be updated overtime to include additional data and, as more international statistics become available, a greater geographical reach.

It is our hope that all users of the LGBT+ Monitor will be able to leverage the compiled data that the tool provides and continue to create workplaces where LGBT+ people can truly be themselves.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

We strongly advise that you view the below interactive data report using a tablet, laptop or a desktop device as you can zoom in or even go full screen.

To view the PDF please click here.